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Norbert Pavel

We are proud to count also Norbert Pavel to our clients, who is usually performing on the streets of Budapest with his Panart Hang. We recorded two tracks with Hang and Violin which will be added to the CD "Tales from the Hang", which you can only buy when you meet Norbi busking in the streets. We recorded also a song where Norbi performs on two Hangs at the same time. The Hang was recorded by using the Jecklin disk stereo recording technique. Listen yourself to this very atmospheric music.


The recording and mixdown of the 6-song-demo for the hungarian band Meszecsinka has been finished. We used around 5 microphones for the percussion, 1 microphone for the vocals, 3 microphones and a line signal for the guitar, 1 line signal for bass guitar, 3 microphones for the upright bass and we used sample-based Yamaha grand piano and a sample based Wurlitzer A200. The band was playing all together in the first round and afterwards we added some percussion, guitar and backing vocals in further takes. The whole recording and the mixdown together with the bandmembers was done in around 20 hours.

Underdog Zenekar

After meeting with the manager of the band and discussing about our work environment and the band´s further plans, we are proud to be the studio where the music project "Underdog zenekar" is being recorded. The band members are some ex-homeless musicians who are resocialized by the music project. Further there are a members who studied music at university and now are real professionals. The project is financed by the "Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat" (Malteser) and by the goodwill of their manager. We are working on a whole album with them, which is not too easy, because everyone is not living only form the music, and they are seven members. It´s very hard to find always time to meet up with at least some of them. At the moment we are wishing all the best for them since they will enter at the pre-eurovision songcontest "A Dal" with one track which was also recorded in our studio. Good luck guys! 

Dava Gin

2011 we recorded ten songs with Dava Gin and Ayo Dsaya and their friends at HangStudio Studio. A lot of percussion and backing vocals had been the main recording work. On top we tracked down the lead vocals of Dava. The other tracks of the recording are mainly generated in the computer and with synthesizers and samplers. Enjoy the video of "Usefo" which is finally released.

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