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recording AND mastering 





Three seperated recording rooms with talkback and windows. 24-Track recording.

Analogue or Digital Mixing. No matter what you prefer, we mix in both domains.

Check our mastering results, they are far more descriptive than words. Stereo & stem mastering.


BudaBeat Recording Studio is located in Budapest since 2009. The interior is modern, nice and cozy and has everything required for recording a whole band in one take. No matter if you prefer to record every track in solo takes or you like to record the whole band in one take, we are pleased to help you. In the control room you can lean back and listen to the sound on the comfortable oversized couch. The three recording rooms are seperated from each other, so that we get clean recordings of the single tracks. Come and visit BudaBeat in Budapest. See you.

Pictures show a 360° virtual reality photos of the lovely interior at Budabeat Studio Budapest. Please click the thumbnails below for the full view. (Sorry, you need a flash enabled browser. Thanks to Viktor Balogh ( for his professional help.)


Engineer Adam

"Since 1992 I am composing, mixing and mastering music. After working on a lot of electronic music productions in our old Studios from 1995-1999, since 2000 I was working with vocalists and musicians on various kinds of music. My instrument is the piano, but usually when people ask me, when they hear that I am into music, I tell them my instrument is the computer My greatest passion is POP and AMBIENT music. But I was working on a lot of TripHop, DrumnBass, Jazzy Lounge and Techno as well. In the field of acoustic/folk music I gained also experience by recording serveral singers/bands. Further I have experience in live mixing."

Adam (Audio Engineer)

Homepage (with more music)

Engineer Adam

"My musical career started in the early 90s in smaller local bands, where I always had been behind the mixing desk during the demo recording sessions. That was the time where i started to like audio engineering. Later my musical businesses went more into the direction of bar music and segmental instrument works. After that I was in any field from microphoning over cableing to mixing live gigs.

I also spent a lot of time in audio and visual studios where I gained experience from sound design over video editing to jingle composing. Nowadays I still write songs and make music. Through my musical trips I experienced many kind of music as sound technician and musician. Therefrom rather the rock and folkmusic line, but I have experimented also with electronical kind of music."

Attila (Audio Engineer)



John Statz

The recording of five songs with the US singer/songwriter John Statz is finished. We recorded all songs in one take with X-Y small condensers on the guitar, a dedicated big condenser for the vocals and an additional room microphone. The results are great. John said he is very satisfied already with the roughmix. It was great fun.

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Call us at +36-30-554-73-41 or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling.

If you are from abroad, we can also help you to get a housing for the time spent at BudaBeat Studio.

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